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Espinosa Hardwood Floors can elevate the look and durability of your stairway with new and refinished flooring, railing, banister,  spindle, tread, and riser installation. Backed by years of flooring expertise, our team will give your staircase a look that you can be proud of while withstanding anything your home life can put out. We also work with metal spindles, railings, and banisters as an alternative update to the staircase in your home providing an upgraded look with extra strength.

Treads And Risers

Installing treads and risers results in a more long-lasting set of stairs. Having the riser and tread fastened together into the subfloor will result in a much stronger connection. That’s important because stairs withstand more abuse than just about anywhere else in your house.


With the advanced manufacturing processes prevalent today, metal spindles have become more beautiful and resilient. Today, wrought iron stair products are considered among the very best that you could possibly get for building a beautiful, strong, and resilient staircase. These parts also come pre-treated for enhanced resistance to rusting. As a result, you can use them both outdoors and indoors without having to worry about exposure to the elements.


Stairs, by design, undergo heavy usage, so in many cases, it makes sense to opt for long-lasting wood. Wood stairs stand strong despite heavy traffic. With a smooth and refinished surface, the work required to clean your stairs will be minimized. You can also add handrails, balusters, and other elements to wood stairs to upgrade their look through the years. Wood stairs offer flexibility, durability, and longevity.

With Espinosa Hardwood Flooring's consultative approach, we help you choose the most elegant and durable hardwood floors for your home. Schedule a free consultation today to see how Espinosa Hardwood Flooring can help you.

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